Alan” Harvard c/0 2023

My college process was a very chaotic adventure, and it would not have been navigable without the help of Nan. After having done my early applications (and being rejected and deferred from Stanford and the University of Michigan respectively), I found Nan through one of my classmates. Starting on December 20, just 11 days before the regular decision deadlines, Nan helped me completely change my approach to both my essays and college choices. Under her supervision, I was able to create 15 very strong regular decision apps in a little over a week.I had gone into the college process thinking that an admissions counselor is a “bonus” or “optional,” something that can help but only marginally. I was very wrong. Nan helps in every aspect of the process, not just the essays. In fact, she added several last minute colleges to my list, and I ended up being accepted to one (Johns Hopkins). She has an understanding of the subtle differences between the unique admissions criteria of the top 20 colleges, and therefore knows exactly where to apply to maximize one’s chances.I was aware of other counseling services near my town, but thankfully I ended up choosing Nan because she has a very unique style in that she is available 24/7 and has an unbelievable work ethic.Even though I was travelling over the last 7 days of applications, we were able to make the schedule work and organize facetimes. I don’t think I could have gone without her psychological help as well; knowing that there is someone who has a grasp on this process supporting you at every moment is invaluable.I would not be exaggerating if I said that seeking Nan’s help in the last 11 days of December was one of the decisions I am most proud of and thankful for.

Ruth, Harvard c/o 2023

After a disappointing decision from my early action school and a subsequent blow of hopelessness, Nan revitalized my spirit and inspired me to reach for the top. From the first meeting, she was so driven and passionate, making it clear that her ambition was about helping me succeed and find a place that was right for me.

As a withdrawn individual, I had struggled with showing my strengths in my personal statement and application, but Nan, with her fearless determination, inspired me how to be confident in my own abilities, as well as hone my writing to showcase them.

Her round-the-clock mentorship, including late-night texts and excited phone calls, made me that much more comfortable in the application process. She believed that I could get accepted into schools that I had only dreamed of – and I did, thanks to her help!

Thank you so much Nan for teaching me to dream big and achieve those dreams. #Harvard2023.

Alex, UNC Chapel Hill c/o 2023

As a first generation, low-income student, the college process seemed like an untamable beast. The original list of colleges I was applying to consisted of three schools I knew I could get accepted into, because I lacked the confidence and time to apply to more prestigious reach schools.

The first time I spoke with Nan she helped me create a more extensive college list and she told me that she would help me get into college. Through hours of standardized test prep, brainstorming sessions, essay writing and rewriting, and editing, Nan and her team supported me and always listened to what I had to say and respected all of my boundaries.

All throughout the process, I felt supported like I never had before, not only did Nan helped me build an amazing college application, but she helped build my confidence in my potential and abilities.

As of today, I have gotten into UNC Chapel Hill, somewhere I never thought I would be good enough to even apply to.


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