After a disappointing decision from my early action school and a subsequent blow of hopelessness, Nan revitalized my spirit and inspired me to reach for the top. From the first meeting, she was so driven and passionate, making it clear that her ambition was about helping me succeed and find a place that was right for me.

As a withdrawn individual, I had struggled with showing my strengths in my personal statement and application, but Nan, with her fearless determination, inspired me how to be confident in my own abilities, as well as hone my writing to showcase them.

Her round-the-clock mentorship, including late-night texts and excited phone calls, made me that much more comfortable in the application process. She believed that I could get accepted into schools that I had only dreamed of – and I did, thanks to her help!

Thank you so much Nan for teaching me to dream big and achieve those dreams. #Harvard2023.