Our collaborative programs are best-suited for dedicated families with gifted children. As the lead mentor, I establish intimate but confidential relationships with both the student and their parents. The quality of customized guidance and immediate access we provide is unmatched, and our focus on building confidence through achievement has seen amazing results.

Immersive Application Workshop ( 6- Month)*  (for rising seniors): For our high school seniors, we transform the “getting into college” experience from a dreaded nightmare into a truly collaborative opportunity for self-discovery and growth. Through narrative creativity and long, introspective co-writing sessions, we mold clients who see themselves as unremarkable into confident, compelling candidates who could captivate any admissions officer.

If this year’s testimonials are any measure, The Admissionary is an excellent investment not only for coveted college acceptances but student mental health and 24/7 support for the entire family during a difficult time. (Read More)

*Preference & summer planning direction given to candidates who enroll early. Premium will be charged beginning June 30.

Long Term Strategic Mentorship: (for rising freshmen to rising juniors):  We collaborate closely with the entire family, often engineering compromises to bridge disagreements in goals and generational gaps. While we will always respect parental wishes, our philosophy is to center the client’s interests and find them all opportunities to distinguish themselves in their chosen fields. (Read More)

The Admissionary Fellowship Each year, we scour the internet for 1-2 outstanding marginalized candidates to sponsor through the application process with the goal of earning a full-ride at a top national university–and graduating with zero debt. Congratulations to our first recipient, Cai Castillo, who arrived as a refugee to the United States and conquered homelessness to emerge with spectacular grades and an unflappable optimism.

This fall, Cai is headed to UNC Chapel Hill on a full-ride scholarship, embarking on the new life they deserve! Please email cai@theadmissionary.com to nominate extraordinary marginalized high school students.

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