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  • 33% were accepted to Harvard College
  • 56% accepted to elite ivies, including Princeton University & Upenn Wharton 
  • 100% will be matriculating at one of their top 3 choices in Fall 2019, including Northwestern University, NYU Stern, and UNC Chapel Hill, all top 30 schools.
  • Other Acceptances include: Stanford University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Rice University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, The Guaranteed Pitt Medical School Program and the Berkeley HAAS Program.

ALL candidates were 1st generation Americans; 7 were also Asian American–read more about our incredible 2019 seniors.

Meanwhile, The Admissionary’s younger students are also beating the odds to attend some of the world’s most selective summer programs, forging their own paths to success.


We are writers, mentors, and emotional guides to both parents and students during the impossibly hard–yet crucial–high school years. To our clients, we serve as long-term mentors who guide them  through curricular strategy, on-call academic help, and tailored opportunities that will make them a stand-out candidate. As a mentor, my greatest gift is asking the questions to prompt introspection–and eventually, maturity and purpose.

Excellent acceptance results are the natural result to a well-planned high school career that demonstrates growth, consistency, and self-determination–our goal is to endow every student with the self-confidence and skill-set needed to thrive at their dream college.

We attribute our phenomenal success to the months and years spent developing promising teenagers into intellectually curious, socially-conscious, and accomplished young adults who plan to change the world. 

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