What makes The Admissionary different from other college prep services?

Probably our commitment to making the candidate’s life easier. All of our services–from co-writing essay workshops to private writing tutoring in which class assignments are edited to A’s–strategically maximize our client’s learning and self-determination. Our very limited number of clients allows for unmatched personalized service, and in the long-term relationships we forge with families, we act as a guide and always accessible resource.

Many similar services are staffed by former admissions officers–can you match their level of expertise in knowing what elite schools are seeking? 

Yes–while admissions officers have read thousands of essays, rarely are they the alumni of their employers. They do not have first-hand experience in successfully crafting compelling essays and candidate packages that get candidates admitted to the schools.

I and each of the mentors and editors at The Admissionary are veterans of the same competitive processes that our clients have ahead of them. Our guidance comes from first-person experience, increasing our credibility with our teenage clients and ensuring that we can also relate to the anxieties of parents.

Do you only accept clients who are first-generation students?

While all 9 of our seniors in 2019 were the first in their families to apply to US colleges, we have hired staff and increased capacity this season to all students who could benefit greatly from our partnership.

How much do the Admissionary programs cost?

We offer 30-45 min consultation calls with Nan to determine whether our programs are the right fit for your family. As a boutique, white-glove-service-centered service, The Admissionary provides premium service at an extraordinary value, as our testimonials attest.

For families with gifted children who cannot afford The Admissionary services, is there a scholarship?

Yes! The Admissionary aims to increase meritocracy and transparency in the application process. In our very first year, we were able to sponsor one extraordinary student through the entire process, covering testing fees and paying a stipend so the candidate was relieved from working in addition to schoolwork and the time-consuming process itself.

They are excited to be attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a full ride scholarship in the Fall.

After such a successful first year, we are excited to be  increasing the number scholarship candidates receiving comprehensive guidance in the 2019-2020 admissions seasons.

Does The Admissionary also work with candidates to private high schools?

Yes! We have worked with mainland Chinese applicants to overseas boarding schools, and also have current students preparing for the private high school application process.

The Admissionary is currently accepting candidates for private high schools for both the 2019-2020 and 2018-2019 seasons.

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