Category: 大信封 Programs

Full-ride Fellowships

The 大信封 Fellowship is a long-term mentorship and enrichment program for low-income, high-potential students. As a full financial-aid student at Lawrenceville and Harvard herself, Nan is passionate about fighting inequality through education. If you’d like to apply, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We aim to guide our fellow towards the elite experience they deserve at no cost to their families and … Read More Full-ride Fellowships


Comprehensive Admissions Strategy

The Comprehensive Admissions Strategy, is 大信封’s most complete program for candidate success–it is all-inclusive, and relieves parents from managing their children’s high school career on limited information. Through close collaboration with the entire family and 1:1 time coaching the candidate through every tough high school scenario, Nan develops–and executes–a unique and very detailed 3 or 4 year plan for each candidate. The Comprehensive Admissions Strategy* accepts 9th … Read More Comprehensive Admissions Strategy


Long-term Writing Instruction

Writing is perhaps the most important skill for success in both high school and every admissions process, so in the Long-term Writing Instruction, Nan works with young students 1:1 on everything from school English or History essays to first-person narrative writing and college essay practice. Like piano or swimming or painting, writing is an art that requires time to develop and 1:1 attention to sustain. … Read More Long-term Writing Instruction


Admissions Essay Workshop

The Admissions Essay is most often the most challenging part of the application process, especially for first generation American candidates. Each August & September, Nan accepts rising seniors as Admissions Essay Development* clients. Testimonials from former clients who attended their dream schools available here. *Spots are limited and filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis The Admissions Essay Development program is a co-writing, highly-collaborative … Read More Admissions Essay Workshop