IMG_7745Grace is a sophomore at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She is majoring in Journalism and Art History as well as minoring in Economics and French (yes, she is planning on graduating in four years). 

At Northwestern, Grace is a video and print reporter for The Daily Northwestern, the award-winning independent daily student newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, editing classmates’ papers (yes, really), reading art history textbooks and visiting museums. 

Her high school did not have a multimedia or video club, so she pursued documentary filmmaking outside of her studies. She won an honorable mention and the behind-the-scenes award in the 2018 C-SPAN StudentCam Documentary Competition for her documentary focusing on the physical, mental and emotional effects that firearm exposure causes in children. For her senior project in high school, she traveled to Taiwan to produce a documentary on the fast food industry and the cultural impact it left on the island. She also enjoys photo editing and Photoshop. If you ever need something removed from the background of a photo, Grace can most likely do the job! 

Unable to be constrained by one field of study, Grace loves to explore all that captivates her. In high school, she excelled in her STEM classes and was co-president of the school’s robotics team for two consecutive years. She also led her classmates to a third-place and first-place victory in Chemathon, a chemistry competition for excelling high school chemistry students, in her sophomore and junior years of high school, respectively. However, she also excelled in her humanities classes, ranging from English to French to Art History. Grace’s unique academic background allows her to tackle challenges and think critically in all situations, and she is excited to continue expanding these horizons in college and through working with students at the Admissionary. 

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