Dan Hu is a passionate storyteller at heart. Our stories define who we are, and Dan has pursued writing, graphic design, photography, and film– to tell the stories he thinks are truly important. Dan brings years of experience in these fields to The Admissionary, having worked at a design studio in SoHo, NYC, and also directed and produced a short film screened at the New York Poetry Festival. In his free time, you’ll find him talking to friends and strangers alike, trying to get to know the world a little bit better.

A native of Bergen County, NJ, he currently attends Northwestern University at the Medill School of Journalism. Here, Dan is able to mesh together different forms of media, to tell stories in fresh new ways. As the Chinese American son of immigrants, a story of particular importance is that of his parents’ arduous journey to America– which only pushes Dan to set his ambitions even higher. In high school, while friends and classmates focused on academics especially in STEM fields, Dan explored his passion for storytelling, and beyond that, pursued strong relationships with a people coming from a variety of backgrounds. Dan hopes to guide students to become better at expressing themselves through writing, photography, and graphic design (see portfolio), push the boundaries of storytelling, and to reflect on experiences to develop a life philosophy that will guide them for years to come.

Dan is now a rising sophomore at Medill after bolstering his multimedia experience as the producer of Northwestern’s daily campus news podcast, developing proficiency as a developer and editor of scripts as well as podcast technology at each scale. He also found time to take on marketing duties for a local startup, hosted a another podcast, interned at a startup accelerator, gave a talk at Instagram, AND got featured in the New York Times.

This summer, he looks forward to spending time with his family, pursuing passion projects, reading, and guiding our creative students through their own multimedia endeavors.

Contact Dan at Dan@theadmissionary.com

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