Will was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where social issues are always making the news. When he was a little child, he always watched the news so he could try to understand this complex world. During his middle school years, he found a passionate love for words and using them to spread the word about various causes he has become passionate about. He is currently entering his senior year at Northwestern University’s famous Medill School of Journalism, where he has expanded his journalistic skills and abilities to tell stories. He has written several op-eds (On the anti-war movement, ethnic studies, and America’s culture of violence) for award-winning, independent daily student newspaper The Daily Northwestern. which was established in 1881. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in journalism.
From a young age, Will knew that using his unique voice was important for shedding light on important issues. That is why he wants to help aspiring young writers find their own voice. This is why he has also spent time privately tutoring some students on writing and journalism, helping them hone their skills so that they can tell the stories that need to be told. Will hopes that younger students can also gain a real passion for writing and storytelling so that they can be inspired to bring voices to the voiceless and expose injustices.

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