Steve Li is freshman at Harvard, where he was accepted early after a dynamic high school career as a nationally-recognized oboeist, the school’s Varsity tennis captain, and winner of a Best Design award at the 2017 MIT hackathon, where he taught himself and younger teammates Python to complete their quest. But Steve’s connection with coding and technology extends far beyond the realm of personal glory.

Through coding, Steve also discovered that his passion for teaching, which he leveraged into his first professional job as an instructor at Lexington, MA’s KtByte Computer Academy. There, he found a second passion in teaching and that his enthusiasm for what many would consider mundane to be contagious. In his own words,

“Technology is like a magic trick. I’m always amazed how we’re able to have a full-sized computer fit within the confines of a smartphone. Yet, despite the miracles, there’s always a basic explanation for how it all works. That is computer science, and the magicians are the software developers that collaborate to create fascinating technologies.”

Since then, Steve has pursued opportunities to apply his growing computing knowledge. He learned about web development and created several websites for community organizations over two years. Steve is also the lead programmer on Concord-Carlisle’s robotics team, eventually creating a voice-controlled tool for Image Guided Therapy (IGT), surgical procedures that use MRI and CT scans to guide physicians in the operating room. Steve was also a recipient of a coveted BU Rise internship, At the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) was through BU Rise, Steve joined the radiology department to work at programming and conducting research on voice recognition and software used during surgery.

Steve loves the possibilities of creation on CS, and with infinite patience and certified teaching experience, he can turn even the most reluctant coder into a curious student.


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