tfdGCnteJeremiah Kim is a journalist, NCAA D1 swimmer, and also a literature scholar at Cornell University, where he was also an editor on the daily Cornell Sun, the #3 ranked college newspaper in the country. This spring, he graduated with high honors in English and a minor in Asian American Studies–now, he is a copywriter and private writing tutor who enjoys uncovering the idiosyncrasies of each student and helping them become power writers who can articulate their own arguments with clarity and precision.

During his senior year Jeremiah won department honors with a 110+ page  thesis highlighting the cultural, historical, and political connections between African American writer James Baldwin and the Korean independence movement. As the Co-Editor of Sunspots, the online-only Blogs Section of The Sun, Jeremiah helped staff writers to develop their rhetorical and storytelling techniques in both traditional written and new media formats. He has also worked as a legislative aide in the US House of Representatives, enjoys graphic design, and creative writing

After committing ten hours per week to the 1-on-1 editing process of proofreading and revision, Jeremiah has made concision an art form, and specializes in asking the insightful questions that stimulate young minds to greater depths.

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