The Admissionary’s mission doesn’t stop at transforming the application process.

We all know the college process isn’t a meritocracy. But we strive to close the gap one candidate at a time.

Fellowship Mission: To provide 24/7 support and all necessary resources to fully support extraordinary low-income, marginalized students through the college admissions process with the goal of full-ride (no loans) acceptance to a top college. To build a pipeline of high-potential disadvantage students to enhance their high school experience through 1:1 guidance and elite, accessible tutors.

Every Admissionary single team member commits 10-100 hours each cycle working with extraordinary marginalized students, offering the same caliber of camaraderie, mental health support, and intensive writing workshops that their counterparts of means receive from us.

We guide low-income students of marginalized identities through the complex process of applying to the very top schools, most of whom offer full-ride scholarships without any loans. Here is Princeton, Duke, Harvard, and a few others we target.

Guidance& Mentorship from the 9th grade on

  • We begin guiding these candidates through the maze of summer camp applications starting in 9th grade, also teaching them how to interact with the world of privilege they may find themselves in
  • We provide support and encouragement for younger fellows to apply to prestigious, free summer programs such as TASS or MITES that provide not only wonderful enrichment experiences, but also put our candidates on the radar of top colleges who recruit from the alumni of these programs.
  • We provide a stipend for candidates who work during the school-year to support their family during the applications period
  • No matter what school they choose, we work hard to establish a core group of mentors so they have trusted confidantes and a sense of belonging–what every college student deserves during a tough transition.
  • In addition, we continue to support them in college by providing editing services for resumes and cover letters, as well as mentors who can help them navigate the world of recruiting and internships.

Our fellows are the world’s most resilient, brilliant kids. And it is our honor to be a footnote in their story. We hope they stay involved with the program and keep mentoring the younger versions of themselves




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