Although Houston-native Ronak Malik is only entering his junior year Cypress Woods High School in Houston, his independent projects have caught the eye of NASA. He is already working closely with their Houston offices and leads project teams to develop remote software interfaces for aerospace engineers. His interests include coding in more than a dozen languages, physics, and of course, Beyoncé. If he ever gets into college, Ronak intends to pursue Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.



Ronak is active in the school’s computer science program and competes in state-wide University Interscholastic League competitions. He currently is ranked in the gold division of the USA Computing Olympiad and will spend his summer deepening his expertise in cyber-security.  Ronak has vast experience with computer programming, networking, operating systems, and software development. Most importantly, he is an excellent tutor of all STEM classes from Physics to Computer Science. Ronak is know for giving his students multiple approaches and outlook to a problem so they understand the concept as well as the best method to tackle any challenge. His ability to relate to students and serve as a supportive mentor has transformed his pupils’ attitudes to science and math–from pre-algebra to Algebra II to pre-Calc– from anxious to curious.



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