Tvisha: Internationally Recognized Debate Coach

The Houston-born Tvisha Malik is a powerful public speaker with several international debate honors to her name;  in 2018, she was ranked the #1 Public Forum Debater in the entire country by the National Speech and Debate Association.

This school year, Tvisha retained her spot, and was named the #1 ranked college freshman debater. 

She is spending her Corona Summer as a remote intern for the US Federal Reserve, a stunning place to land as a rising sophomore.

At Wharton, Tvisha has excelled, acing advanced Economics classes and enthusiastically taking MBA-level classes, where she has established powerful mentors. She also became a private Economics teacher, using Wharton materials to prepare her students for the AP test-all 5’s so far!

Tvisha Malik graduated 1st in her class of 900 before bidding a fond farewell to make her mark on The Wharton School at the University of  Pennsylvania. Locally, Tvisha is also known for her advocacy and mentorship of young women in the male-dominated world of debate. 

 For 3 consecutive years, she was elected team President, and led her squad to many group victories while racking up countless individual awards at national tournaments such as the Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, Emory and Georgetown Invitationals. 

Most impressively, Tvisha also had the honor of being chosen as one of only 12 debaters nationwide selected to represent Team USA in international tournaments.

She shares her lessons from those grueling months of training at the most elite level with her mentees and students as one of the most in-demand private debate coaches. 

In the fall, Tvisha is excited to head east to pursue a dual-degree in Economics and Public Policy but vows that she will stay in the debate mix as a mentor, making each generation stronger through her expertise and experienced coaching.

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