Our mission is to optimize the high school experience. All of our clients have improved drastically in confidence, curiosity, and academically…and are beginning to see some summer victories

  • Separate bi-monthly check-ins with the client and the family to discuss
  • curricular planing
  • optimizing the standard testing cycle
  • possible future career paths to explore
  • Strategies to deepen relationships with teachers
  • potential academic difficulties before they become serious issues
  • unique community service activities that showcase leadership skills and a special skillset (e.g. music, sports, debate, etc)
  • A (ever-evolving) strategy for crafting a standout high school career with a list of reach and target schools. Through collaboration with the entire family, we form a possible vision of the near future and set yearly goals (e.g. acceptance to a competitive summer camp, leadership positions)
  • Access to New York’s best SAT/ACT tutors in 1:1 video sessions. The best option for elite students who want to close the gap, which requires both excellent teachers and individualized attention (The Admissionary does not offer or recommend any SAT classes)
  • An introductory 5-session writing program designed specifically to address the clients opportunities for improvement, be it in organization, concision, originality, flow, and many other elements that are simply left out of the public school curriculum, yet necessary for high school and AP/IB-Level writing
  • A dedicated literary coach they can call or text 24/7 with questions about confusing parts of class-reading, a request for an edit of an important English paper, or to schedule time to outline a confusing prompt
  • Immediate intervention when an unexpected low grade appears–The Admissionary staffs tutors in every AP subject in addition to multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and other higher level topics.
  • Co-writing workshops for summer camp applications, often a feeding pool for elite colleges.
  • Direct mentorship and coaching from Nan-while my relationship with each client is different, I build a deep rapport with every single one through our daily texting and bi-weekly calls. Our conversations range from the existential (e.g. what is the point of college?) to the mundane (e.g. I had an argument with a teacher, can we draft an apology email together?)

High school is hard, with or without our support. But we can guarantee a better experience and better outcomes because we have been through the entire process and can guide students through every step of the maze that is “high school excellence.”

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