how-to-write-an-essay-2Preparation Work

  • Seek and co-write applications for summer opportunities
  • Finding unique and consistent volunteer opportunities and competitive/research that fit their interests
  • Optimized list of target schools that fit candidate’s preferences and profile.
  • Plot narratives and explore essay topic options through 1:1 writing brainstorm discussion (current paths: urban planning, the economics of urban design and political power, etc)

Mentorship 1:1 sessions (Bi-Monthly, via call or videochat)) between Nan/Lucy) for mentorship—discussions to make the future more concrete in her imagination

  • Nan will ask leading questions that mimic prompts for school essays that require self-reflection (e.g. What does success mean to you? What do you bring to the communities you belong to? What matters to you the most and why?)
  • All conversations between Nan and each client is confidential.

Coach-Parent conference (Bi-Monthly, via call or videochat) to

  • A staff member will answer parent questions or review Candidate’s progress as a writer, thinker, and student during regular check-ups
  • We ask that parents especially be candid with us about the client’s stress and anxiety levels. It is important to us that each of our clients enjoys a supportive and encouraging home environment that sustains mental health and self-confidence during a critical and difficult time in a high schooler’s life.

Application Essay Work

  • Writing Goal: Nan will lead the co-writing process to produce 3-4 strong essays that can be modified to fit any school topic
  • Will be responsible in helping tailor/modify essays for each school
  • Up to 10 school applications—modifications and new essays will be covered for each
  • Complete, 24/7 emotional and logistical support for the entire admissions process for both parents and the candidate
  • Nan will be serving as the project manager for writing process, early or regular decision acceptance
  • Each essay will be review by Nan/Sarah and at least 2 professional writers (colleagues and classmates who are journalists, authors, and editors)
  • Candidate must agree to finish 90% of regular application essays BEFORE the deferral decision (mid-December).

Regular Application Inclusions

  • 3-4 sessions of Essay Development Conversations with candidate (video chat)
  • 3-5 rounds of revisions and editing (by email and video chat)
  • Complete, 24/7 support for the entire admissions process for both parents and the candidate over winter break
  • Nan will help candidates assemble a compelling deferral package, including recommendation letter, personal statement, and mid-year report
  • Nan will be serving as the project managers for writing process for candidate’s early decision and regular decision acceptance processes, serving as both advisors and as supportive friends

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