000resultsA joyful day for ALL Admissionary clients

  • As-Am Male. (MA): Harvard College (early acceptance), Stanford University (regular acceptance)
  • As-Am Male. (Toronto): John Hopkins University (early acceptance)
  • Latina Female (GA): University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (early acceptance)
  • As-Am Female. (MA): Princeton University (regular acceptance)
  • White 1st Gen Male. (MA): Harvard College (regular acceptance)
  • As-Am Female. (MA): Harvard College (regular acceptance)
  • S. As-Am Female. (TX); University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School (regular acceptance)
  • As-Am Male.. (Beijing): Northwestern University (regular acceptance)
  • As-Am Male.. (Sydney, AU) New York University Stern (regular acceptance)

Our students were also offered spots at Duke University, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, and the Berkeley HAAS Program

names redacted to protect confidentiality; references upon request


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