Writing is perhaps the most important skill for success in both high school and every admissions process, so in the Long-term Writing Instruction, Nan works with young students 1:1 on everything from school English or History essays to first-person narrative writing and college essay practice.

Like piano or swimming or painting, writing is an art that requires time to develop and 1:1 attention to sustain.

The Long-term Writing Instruction* accepts 5th-10th graders year-round. A testimonial from a current client is available here.

*Spots are limited and filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis

IMG_0286Nan gets to know each student first and creates a custom plan. Because each student’s needs and passions are different, each student will have a unique experience in the 1:1 program optimized for their writing skills development.  By assigns materials and prompts that cater to each student’s interests, Nan is able to show how writing can be fun and engaging for everyone.

Nan talks to each client 1:1 via video chat (Skype, WeChat, or FaceTime) to let students choose prompts and materials, edit essays for schoolwork, or develop ideas for personal essays.

Long-term Writing Instruction Inclusions:

  • Tailored writing curriculum based on candidate interests and needs after intial discussions
  • 1:1 videochat w/ Client 2x per month to edit essays and discuss writing techniques together
  • 24/7 support for school writing assignments
  • Parents can request private progress at any time from  Nan and outline their specific goals in engaging the Long-term Writing Instruction program.

Please contact me  with questions, or to reserve your child’s spot in the Long-term Writing Instruction program. 

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