The Comprehensive Admissions Strategy, is 大信封’s most complete program for candidate success–it is all-inclusive, and relieves parents from managing their children’s high school career on limited information. Through close collaboration with the entire family and 1:1 time coaching the candidate through every tough high school scenario, Nan develops–and executes–a unique and very detailed 3 or 4 year plan for each candidate.

The Comprehensive Admissions Strategy* accepts 9th and 10th graders year-round. A testimonial from a current client’s parents is available here.

*Spots are VERY limited and filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis for each grade

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 9.52.19 AMNan gets to know each student first and creates a custom plan. Because each student’s needs and passions are different, each student will have a unique experience in the 1:1 program optimized for their ultimate admissions success.

As the coach, talks to each client 1:1 via video chat (Skype, WeChat, or FaceTime) to create a concrete, completely personalized strategy that is constantly updated as the client grows.

The coach will serve as an accessible and hands-on advisor to your family from the beginning the high school to the final big envelopes.

Nan closely mentors each student and communicates frequently with the family to ensure that the candidate is on track in every aspect that will be necessary for long term success, including testing schedules, academics, volunteer records, summer programs, & more.


Comprehensive Admissions Strategy Inclusions:

  • 3 or 4-year Long-Term Personalized Strategy (Powerpoint Presentation) covering
    • Long-term academic goals
    • Extracurricular optimization
    • Leadership development
    • Recommended list of colleges to research
    • Long-term skilled volunteer activities
    • Standardized testing strategy
  • Short-term Personalized Strategy (Powerpoint Presentation) for each school year
    • Setting GPA goals
    • Summer opportunities (prestigious camps or internships)
    • Competitions and opportunities to shine
    • Building relationships with teachers
  • Continuous development of student narrative, passions, and character
    • Nan ensures that the above activities paint a coherent and compelling picture of the candidate to admissions offices
    • 1:1 Coach-Parents conferences 2x/semester to adjust plans as needed and
    • 1:1 bi-monthly Coach-Candidate sessions to discuss writing lessons
  • The Comprehensive Admissions Strategy also includes the following programs, thus covering all areas of development necessary for a well-rounded high school career and successful application strategy

Please contact me with questions, or to reserve your child’s spot in the Comprehensive Admissions Strategy program. 

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