Some students take the assembly line approach to college applications. They write a generic essay, tailor it slightly for each of a dozen schools, then hit the send button. This may work for non-selective colleges, where an applicant’s most important qualification is the ability to pay full tuition. But it won’t get you into the top colleges. These days it probably won’t even work at many of the less competitive schools.

When colleges say they’re looking for “the right fit,” they aren’t kidding. They want students who will thrive on their particular campus. They know what they’re looking for, and there’s nothing generic about it. That’s why it’s so important to choose schools that are right for you.

But that’s just the first step. Then you’ll have to convince the schools. To do that, you’ll need a carefully thought-out application strategy, one that shows how you and the college dovetail perfectly.

I offer counseling sessions to help you analyze how and why you are the right fit for each college on your list. We’ll then plan how you can make your best case on every application.

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