You can read more about Nan in Lawrenceville’s recent alumni profile

Born in Beijing, Nan Ni (倪楠) is bilingual and grew up in the US, where she attended The Lawrenceville School, Harvard University, and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

The background of this page features the beautiful library of The Lawrenceville School, where Ms. Ni spent many days studying and applying to top colleges. She graduated as Lawrenceville’s 2006 Valedictorian, and still cherishes her fond memories and close relationship with her boarding school.

In 2007 as a Harvard freshman, Ms. Ni began admissions consulting to give Chinese families a better opportunity to receive the same elite education she experienced. For 10+ years, her pupils have gone on to excel at Eaglebrook, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and other world-class institutions.

Nan designed the 大信封 Admissions program to strengthen international candidates via intensive interview preparation (via videochat) and a fully-guided writing process.

She is eager to use her experience as an alumna and admissions expert to give Chinese students the best future possible.


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