Writing has never been my strong suit; although I could always manage to write a decent essay, I consistently struggled with fully conveying my thoughts and messages in words. While I was applying to colleges, the Common App essay was definitely challenging to write; there was a huge pressure of making everything perfect, for it could ultimately affect my life path. I had gone through a series of edits already before having Nan look at my essay and work her magic. Nan’s work was meticulous. She not only fixed small grammatical errors I failed to notice, but she also improved upon my word choice, my transitions, and the overall flow of my piece. I was beyond happy with the final result. Nan’s careful edits definitely helped strengthen the intentions of the piece and helped my writing to completely embody the essence of what I was struggling to express. Her editing skills can essentially transform a good essay into an excellent essay. She catches even the most minute details, and that can make a huge difference. I am so grateful to have had Nan’s help in the college process; If it weren’t for her, I might not be at Princeton today!

Nina, Princeton University

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