Neither the world nor the admissions game will ever return to “normal.” 

Every disruption is an opportunity. And more than ever, I am grateful that my small company–off-trend but on point–will thrive in the post-COVID admissions world. Capping each grade at 10 students max allowed the team to develop 4 rigorous, results-driven summer programs (from Journalism Essentials to Sabremetrics),  limited to 6 students per session. Each student is guided by a staff writer to develop a publication-worthy deliverable.

The Admissionary’s development philosophy aligns perfectly with post-COVID admission standards: Less emphasis on hitting the same old 1600, more original initiatives that distinguish a great candidate. This break from the suffocating gauntlet called “high school” In teaching our students about the reality that schools shield them from, in the Admissionary supplemental curriculum, every single one has become a more empathetic soul with sharper critical thinking skills.

–From Founder


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While it may be easy to look at our matriculation rates and see The Admissionary as just a key to unlocks the elite campus gates, our goals are far more ambitious than any “college consultancy.” We are a multicultural team of writers, activists, teachers, and journalists who are restringing the entire high school experience for first-generation students. Our holistic approach to excellence aims to transform children into young adults with extraordinary visions–and the skills to make them reality.

  • Our students receive 24/7 access to expert tutors on staff.
  • Each student begins by collaborating with Nan to create a bespoke, evolving four-year strategy.
  • They are then paired with a literary mentor who writes professionally (we never hire former admissions officers) to fill in critical gaps left by the school system and to form good writing habits
  • In addition, we host guest speakers and discussion groups several times a month show these young adults the realities sharpen their critical thinking skills, and broaden their worldview

That is why most candidates are accepted as freshmen and sophomores so we can begin honing their writing skills,  We believe that those coveted acceptance letters not an end goal, but rather a bonus for a compelling high school career…and we have the numbers to back it up too (see info graphic at right)

The Admissionary is a 4-year program focused on personal development and college readiness–and the culmination of Nan’s long-time vision to revolutionize the high school years for Gen Z Asian American students, bringing them extraordinary opportunities that inspire them to break the mold.

By promoting self-determination and exploration to the anxious children of risk-averse immigrant parents. The Admissionary fosters healthier family dynamics and find dormant talents in candidates to nurture.

Through countless hours of co-writing via videoconference, Nan is always able to create a narrative that connects each candidate’s achievements, growth process, and potential for greatness–after all, its a narrative that she’s been collaborating with each student on for years.

Self-actualization is no easy journey, but rest assured that we are here to provide guidance and opportunities at every step.